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Do you recognize the feeling of shoes that look nice but are unwearable? Or shoes that walk wonderfully but don't suit your style?

We understand your frustration.

We believe that you don't have to compromise between style and comfort.

Discover our shoes that are not only comfortable to wear, but also reflect your style. Experience it now

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Our main focus is comfort. This unique aspect is realized, in part, through the removable leather insoles that come standard with each shoe. Additionally, every shoe is equipped with a leather upper and lining for added comfort.

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Australian Footwear: brown shoes

Many models are available up to size 50, and some models are available in H width.  

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Australian Footwear men's shoes

Australian Footwear, the footwear brand for men with an extensive collection of sneakers, boots, loafers and dressed shoes. Because of the diversity in our collection, we create something for every man. Our focus lies on comfort. This unique aspect is partly realized by our leather insoles, which can be standard removed from every shoe. In addition, almost all shoes have a leather upper and lining. We believe it’s always important that our target group wears Australian Footwear shoes with great (walking)pleasure. Another thing that should not be forgotten is that many shoes can be ordered up to size 50. 

Furthermore, each shoe is produced out of high-quality materials. This ensures that every model has the Australian Footwear look & feel. We present this online through the official website ( and offline in the physical shops. 

Australian Footwear shoes Sale

Are you searching for Australian Footwear shoes at an appealing price? Take a look at our sale offers. The discounted collection includes high-quality sneakers and lace-up shoes, just as you would expect from our brand. Explore the collection and purchase your favorite shoes at a discounted price.

Prefer to try them on?

Prefer trying our shoes before making a decision? Good news! You can do this at one of the Australian Footwear dealer stores. Quickly locate your nearest store, receive professional advice, And take you Australian’s home with you.